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Junk That Car - Berkeley

So it is time to sell your used car, but where do you start? It has been taking up space in your yard for far too long, but who would even buy that old junk car anyway? 
We would! And we pay cash!
Start with us. We provide cash for cars in Berkeley and create a seamless process for the junk car removal. 

Who Are We

Junk That Car is a junk car removal company and we buy cars in Berkeley. We provide a frictionless process to get rid of the junk car that has been taking up space in your driveway and getting you judgmental looks from your neighbors. This car may have served you well as your first car or even been your pride and joy to cruise in, but at some point it is time to say goodbye. Let us take it off your hands. Give us a call and Junk That Car will give you cash for your junk cars in Berkeley.

Our Process

All you have to do is call and we will give you a price over the phone. If you would rather, we also have a contact form you can fill out online to get an instant price! It is that easy. Once the price is agreed on we will come to you and give you cash for the car! Towing can often be scheduled for the very same day (but this is not guaranteed) and taken to the junk yard in Berkeley for you. This way you get rid of your car for cash without even having to leave the comfort of your home.

  • Give us a call or fill out our online contact form
  • We give you a price
  • We schedule the car removal
  • We arrive with cash for you and tow your car away

Types of Cars We Buy

What kind of cars do we buy? All kinds and all conditions!
You may think that your car is too far gone to be of any value to anyone, but we provide cash for cars in Berkeley and that includes yours! Give us a call and we will give you cash for junk cars in Berkeley in as-is condition. Whether that means superb condition or inoperative condition, we will give you a price for it and get it out of your way.

  • Practically brand new cars - We buy them.
  • Cars that have suffered from small fender-benders - We buy them.
  • Cars that have been severely damaged in accidents - We buy them.
  • Cars that do not run anymore - We buy them.
  • Junk cars that have been rusting in your driveway for years - We buy them.
  • Cars that don’t pass emissions tests - We buy them.
  • Cars with a salvage title - We buy them.

You didn’t see the condition that your car is in listed? You don’t think your car is worth buying? Give us a call anyway! We would love to hear from you and will let you know what your car is worth. 

How We Value Cars

When providing cash for cars in Berkeley we take into consideration several variables to determine the value of the car. We consider things such as the year the car was made, the car company that made it, the model of the car, and what condition the car is in. We also take into account the number of miles on the car, and evaluate if the car has been significantly damaged or rusted. We look at all these factors when determining a price for the vehicle. In addition, the type of vehicle may affect the price since some vehicles have a better resale value than others. 

  • The year 
  • The make
  • The model 
  • The number of miles 
  • The severity of rust
  • The degree of damage
  • The resale value

Free Removal and Towing

In addition to providing you with cash for junk cars in Berkeley, we also include several other services when we buy your car. The expenses associated with getting your car removed from your property and towed to the junk yard in Berkeley can sometimes take a significant cut of the money you received for selling the car in the first place. Junk That Car will not only buy your car, we will provide you with free car removal and towing! Once you call and agree on a price we will schedule the rest and show up with cash!

DMV Paperwork

In addition to free car removal and towing, we also handle all of the DMV paperwork! That frustrating and tedious process will be off your hands. We want to take the headache out of the car selling process for you. So, instead of trying to trade in your used car or sell it to a private party on your own, you can call us!

Recent Purchases in Berkeley

1991 ford Mustang 95931-7329 2 years ago $254
1964 jaguar E-Type 49309 2 years ago $236
1973 mitsubishi Lancer 11325 2 years ago $154
2007 chevrolet TrailBlazer 23562-8092 2 years ago $156
2015 bmw ALPINA B6 Gran Coupe 86496-3154 2 years ago $347
1956 buick 40 96102 2 years ago $211
1968 bmw 2800 97634-6725 2 years ago $159
1989 bmw 316 99006 2 years ago $265
1953 volvo Duett 53640-4138 2 years ago $211
1953 ac Ace 48083 2 years ago $245
2011 chevrolet Malibu 01230 2 years ago $220
2016 audi S7 48318 2 years ago $335
2011 honda Accord Crosstour 41715 2 years ago $335
2014 infiniti QX80 08081-8721 2 years ago $280
1966 ferrari 206 81060 2 years ago $254
2019 lexus RC 350 54538 2 years ago $165
1994 nissan 100 NX 99353-9699 2 years ago $218
2017 mercedes-benz SLK-Class 21013-4981 2 years ago $326
2000 ford Mustang 64864-1440 2 years ago $261
1996 bentley Continental 87321-7318 2 years ago $311
1986 honda Prelude 19002-0149 2 years ago $209

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Junk That Car Was fantastic to work with. I had a car that was damaged and I had no idea what to do with it. The insurance company was no help. Junk That Car made me a fair cash offer, and I highly suggest you check them out.