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Get Cash For Junk Cars And Damaged Cars In El Cajon

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Fill out the form below and we will give you a fast offer for your vehicle. We buy cars in any condition, running or not. The quote is INSTANT and we operate 7 days a week.

Cash For Junk Cars El Cajon (619) 279-5777 Sell Your Junk Car

Cash for Cars in El Cajon, CA


Are you tired of that junk car sitting in your driveway or worried you’ll be stranded somewhere in the city because your barely-even-starts-when-the-you-turn-the-key truck just died for the last time? Did your family minivan that’s seen better days just fail the emissions test? Do not waste another day worrying about your junk car.


Cash for Cars in El Cajon, CA wants your junk car!


We take the hassle out of junk car removal in El Cajon, CA and we want to help you get back on the road with cash in hand. We are a licensed dealer with a friendly team ready to answer your call and any questions you may have about the process.


Have questions already about getting cash for junk cars in El Cajon, CA? No problem. We’re here to help.


Do not spend your hard earned money or precious time on other ways of selling your junk car!


Chances are if you have a junk car, you are already familiar with some of the frustrating options for selling your junk car. Here are just a few:

  • Selling through a private party;
  • Trading it in with a dealer; or
  • Selling it on your own.

But why go through the pain of trying to sell your own junk car when we can take it off your hands? No need to haggle with another dealer in El Cajon, CA for the price of a trade-in. Classified sites often charge additional fees or require jumping through hoops to be sure your buyer is going to come through.


We buy cars in El Cajon, CA without extra costs, hidden fees, or unwanted surprises. Not only is getting cash for your junk car easy with our amazing service…


Cash For Cars in El Cajon, CA will tow your junk car for FREE!


That’s right. Cash in hand and free towing is all that stands between you and being free of your junk car.


So how can you get cash for junk cars in El Cajon, CA?

Give us a call today! We are the answer for people looking for quick, easy Junk Car Removal. We are customer focused and aim to help you have ease of mind about selling your junk car. We know how difficult it can be and we want to change that one junk car at a time. (Oh! You can sell us more than one if you want to!)


How does it work?

When you give us a call, we can provide a guaranteed price over the phone, or if you prefer, you can use our online contact form to submit your information and receive a price. If you agree to the price, we come to you and give you cash for your junk car. No need to drive out of town or even out of state. Our team in El Cajon, CA will come to you!

How long does it take?

We make the process as quick and as easy as possible. We often purchase junk cards the same day that a customer calls us. We’re that quick and you should not have to wait to be free of your junk car!


How much cash can you get for your junk car?

We hope it’s a lot! We keep our overhead costs low and pass that on to you with fair pricing. The actual price will vary and is determined by the make, model, mileage, and condition of your car. We think you will be happy with our offer!


You can check out how much cash your neighbors in El Cajon, CA have been getting for their junk cars right on our website!


Even if your car is ACTUAL junk, we want it!


We love junk cars! We’re more than happy to take it off your hands. But to be even more clear here are the different types of cars we pay cash for:

  • New cars
  • Nearly new cars in great condition
  • Old and damaged cars
  • Cars in “as-is” condition
  • Non-running cars
  • Cars with salvage title


Cash for Cars in Cajon, CA buys any car in any condition!


Does your car not pass the emissions test in El Cajon, CA?

That’s ok! We are a licensed dealer so there is no problem selling your junk car to us. In fact, trading your junk car for cash is the best way to get cars deemed unsafe or not environmentally friendly off the streets. 


So what are you waiting for?


There’s no need for you to make a trip to the junk yard in El Cajon, CA. We’ll do all the heavy lifting for you and you’ll walk away with cash in hand!

It’s really that easy!





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