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Sell Damaged Car To CarMax + Alternative Options That Might Pay More

3 years ago

Do you have a damaged car you plan on selling to CarMax?

Having a damaged car can be a huge headache – but it doesn’t have to be. There can be a lot of uncertainty with a damaged vehicle. You may wonder if your car still has worth, if there’s anyone who will take it off your hands, and how much you might be able to sell a damaged car for. Despite these difficulties, there are a few surefire ways to take care of your car while also taking care of your wallet.

Is CarMax the best option for your damaged car?

There are many ways you can still receive money for your damaged car. An option that might seem viable would be to sell your damaged car to a larger retailer like CarMax. While this company will likely take your damaged car, the money you receive in return will most likely be reflective of the damage your vehicle has incurred.  Oftentimes, CarMax will auction your car and the seller is able to receive a portion of the sales, even though they could be minimal.

How would I be compensated?

If the damage to your car is significant or if the car you're selling to CarMax won’t run, the money you receive could be less than expected. CarMax is often willing to buy damaged vehicles, but only to a certain extent. If the damaged proves to be too substantial, it might not be worth their time to auction the vehicle. CarMax is a larger scale operation which offers a variety of used car services, but buying damaged vehicles isn’t their specialty.


Junk That Car: An easier alternative

Another option which offers greater ease and bang-for-your-buck could be choosing a smaller retailer, such as Junk That Car. The ease of Junk That Car comes from its nationwide operation being open 7 days a week. While CarMax offers a variety of services, buying-back damaged vehicles is Junk That Car’s bread-and-butter. For instance, if your car has engine problems, then Junk That Car should be your first call. From fender benders to more substantial body damage, Junk That Car is ready to buy your damaged vehicle. Even if your car won’t start, Junk That Car is a prepared to offer a fair price for your damaged vehicle. If for some reason CarMax or a similar company won’t buy your damaged car, then Junk That Car is your go-to for selling your damaged vehicle.

A comprehensive car-selling experience

Junk That Car also has the advantage that comes with operating a business that prioritizes one aspect of the car-selling process. When running a smaller operation, it’s easier to prioritize the needs of the seller. Junk That Car has no underlying motive other than purchasing your damaged vehicle, and providing some cash for the headache it has caused. Being a smaller business gives Junk That Car the ability to focus solely on buying damaged vehicles, while establishing reliability and efficiency in their business model. If you want direct, realistic communication and in-house services, Junk That Car could be the better option for selling your damaged vehicle

What if my car is really damaged?

Sometimes a vehicle is so damaged that CarMax might not find it viable to purchase. If CarMax is the first and only car-buying outfitter on your radar, as a consumer, this can feel very disheartening. Not only is your vehicle damaged, but it can seem like there’s no place to offload it, let alone for any form of compensation. But that’s where Junk That Car is a good fix for your situation.

Your vehicle has worth

It might seem that the damage to your vehicle is too substantial to be of any value, but this isn’t the case with Junk That Car. If you find yourself in the position of having a severely damaged vehicle that CarMax or another buyer refuses to purchase, then Junk That Car should be your first call. No matter the damage, your vehicle has worth, and Junk That Car recognizes that. If your vehicle is old or new, or even if your vehicle has moderate to severe damaged, there is an inherent value to your car.

An easy way to sell

 Junk That Car understands that dealing with a damaged vehicle can be troublesome, and they don’t intend to complicate that process. With nationwide services and free quotes available, Junk That Car is a consumer-smart alternative to CarMax, and can help ease some of the stress surrounding selling a damaged car. With a streamlined process, Junk That Car is an easy and efficient alternative to receive cash for your damaged car. When seeking a quote, simply input the year, make, and model of your vehicle to receive and instant offer on your vehicle.

Operating 7 days a week with agents available, Junk That Car provides near-constant attention for whenever you choose to solve the problem of your damaged vehicle. Junk That Car also offers free junk car removal and pick-up services for your damaged vehicle, to further assist in your situation. In addition, the experience at Junk That Car is a personal one; customer service and customer satisfaction are prioritized at Junk That Car.

Receiving payment for your damaged vehicle

In terms of payment, Junk That Car is prepared to offer cash for these damaged vehicles. Simply receive your free quote, and call the agents of Junk That Car at (888) 671-6162.  While CarMax provides payment through the form of a bank draft, Junk That Car is ready to offer cash for your vehicle while also providing a fair quote.

For many individuals, a bigger name company like CarMax might seem like the first-stop in attempting to sell your damaged vehicle. To an extent, both CarMax and Junk That Car offer similar car buy-back services. But put simply, this is just one aspect of CarMax’s operation whereas this is the specialty of Junk That Car. Nobody plans for having a damaged vehicle, but you can plan to sell with Junk That Car and make the best of a difficult situation.

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