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Does CarMax Buy Cars That Don’t Run? [How To Get Top $$]

3 years ago

Does CarMax Buy Cars That Don’t Run?

Ever drive through your neighborhood and see a junk car just sitting in the yard? Or maybe that yard is yours and you’re wondering how to get rid of that pile of metal. While you may be holding onto that car for certain reasons, chances are it’s never going to be anything more than an eyesore in your lawn. Have you considered getting rid of that car and turning it into some cash?

When it comes to that broken-down car there are only a few options you can do including:

  • Repair it
  • Sell it online
  • Trade it in
  • Donate it to a charity
  • Give it away to someone you know

Chances are, selling it is the only reasonable option. There are many places that will buy junk cars, but something many people find themselves wondering is does CarMax buy cars that don’t run. Simply put, yes, they do. However, there is some required documentation that’s needed before you can do that. This includes:

  1. The car title – The title must be present in order to sell to CarMax. If you don’t have one, you’ll have to go to the DMV to get one.
  2. Car Registration – You need the current vehicle registration as well, and it needs to be valid. This shows proof of ownership.
  3. ID – Your ID needs to be valid and for every person on the title, an ID needs to be present.
  4. Remote and Car Keys – Depending on what your car has, a remote or car keys, these all need to be present. Any duplicates that were made need to be handed over as well. If you don’t have keys or a remote the offer you receive is going to fluctuate some.

Does CarMax Buy Older Cars?

For cars that don’t run, while CarMax will buy it, don’t expect a large amount of cash for it. When selling a non-running car,it’s best to be realistic especially if it’s an older car. Non-running cars is huge when it comes to the offer price they give, so be sure to work with the appraiser when an offer is given to you.

CarMax offers are valid for 7 days, so if you find you aren’t happy with the offer you received feel free to cancel the transaction. CarMax will set its own price on used and non-running cars, so make sure you understand this going in. While CarMax will buy older cars and those with bad engines or that don’t run, it may not be the best option for you as any car they don’t make an offer on goes to an auction where you risk losing even more money.

Determining Factors

What goes into the offer CarMax pays you for your non-running or older car? There are a few factors and conditions including:

  • Interior condition
  • Exterior condition
  • Condition of the overall car
  • Accident history
  • Mileage

While CarMax will state that small scuffs or scratches won’t have a huge impact on the offer, larger ones will take a hit. Other damage such as flood damage or damage to the frame takes a hit at the offer too. If the damage is to extreme CarMax will not take your car or make an offer.

Does Carmax Buy Cars With A Bad Engine?

If you’re wondering does CarMax buy cars that have bad engines, they will but the offer you get is lower than what you might get from other companies such as Junk That Car. Be honest with them upfront about all the issues your car has. Some have reported they still buy their car, but at a lower offer rate than a car in better condition.

Does CarMax Buy Cars With Over 100,000 Miles On Them?

Yes, CarMax will purchase your car if it has over one hundred thousand miles on it. However, the price they give you will be significantly less than if the car had lower mileage. As, CarMax does not tend to resell these vehicles.

Does CarMax Buy Broken Cars?

Yes, CarMax will purchase your car if it is broken. But, do not expect to get a big pile of cash for it. As the broken cars they purchase will more than likely be used for parts.

Does CarMax Buy Cars With Mechanical Problems?

If your car has mechanical problems such as a blown engine, head gasket, or it's simply a clunker CarMax will purchase it. However, keep in mind these cars are not their target market. CarMax is typically looking for low mileage, clean cars that they can resell for at their lot with a warranty. A car with serious mechanical issues is not going to pass their streneous inspection process and will likely get sold for parts.

Does CarMax Buy Salvage Title Cars

Yes, however they won't pay very much for it. Salvage cars will not be resold on a CarMax lot.

What About Junk That Car?

With other companies such as Junk That Car, you’ll find the process can be a lot easier for you making the whole process a lot more enjoyable and stress-free. Not only do they take cars of all models and years, they take cars that don’t run or might not be in the best shape.

While selling with CarMax requires you to get all the proper paperwork from the DMV, Junk That Car will take care of all that hard work for you leaving you with one less thing to do. You’ll love working with professionals who are licensed and bonded with the right insurance to be in the business.

Some people consider selling on Craigslist which can be dangerous and can lead to a bad deal. With a licensed company such as Junk That Car, you know you are working with professionals that are going to make you a reasonable offer with a trusted business rather than strangers.

Junk That Car has a soft spot for cars that perhaps have seen better days. Regardless of the condition of the car, we will buy your car even if it’s being towed into us. Have an older car or a car that has over 100,000 miles on it? Have no fear, we buy those cars too!

Junk That Car has worked with several people to get them the money they need and want for their old and non-running car. They take pride in being able to give you the most money for your car, and have worked with several people over the years.

Heavy Lifting Eliminated

Unlike with CarMax, Junk That Car takes out the hard work of getting the car to the dealer. With CarMax you’re responsible with getting the car to the dealer. We will schedule a pickup at a location you choose meaning no heavy lifting on your part. We take cars of all models and years, even older cars. 

To get started, simply fill out our online form to get an instant offer based on your car. If you decide to sell us your car, we arrange a pickup time that’s convenient for you, and the best part is no towing expenses or fees are billed to you! We are a nationwide company meaning we can buy your car even if you are the next state over!

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