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Get Cash For Junk Cars And Damaged Cars In Plano

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Fill out the form below and we will give you a fast offer for your vehicle. We buy cars in any condition, running or not. The quote is INSTANT and we operate 7 days a week.

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Junk That Car: Plano, Texas

Are you running out of ideas on how to get rid of your broken down car? Don’t have money for costly repairs to get your vehicle running again? Do you feel like your car would be better off in a junkyard in Plano? Are you afraid to take your car to a dealership for a lowball trade-in offer? No need to worry, Plano! Junk That Car in Plano can help you get the money you deserve for your vehicle.

Who We Are

Junk That Car is a cash for cars business in Plano unlike any other. We make your selling process frictionless by doing all of the heavy lifting for you. We buy cars in any condition in the Plano area. We have served Texans for years, offering the best deal in junk car removal, sales, and customer service. 

Types of Cars We Buy

Unlike other cash for cars businesses, we buy a wide variety of vehicles in a wide variety of conditions. Some of the cars we buy can be found in this list:

  • Cars that won’t pass inspection
  • Old cars
  • High mileage cars
  • Cars involved in major accidents
  • Cars with body damage
  • Cars that don’t run
  • Newer vehicles with catastrophic issues that warranties won’t cover
  • Cars that run perfectly
  • Cars with water damage
  • Cars with cracked radiators
  • And many more

How We Appraise Your Vehicle

We use several measurements of value to determine how much we will purchase your vehicle for. What is your vehicle’s make and model? What year model is your vehicle? How many miles does your vehicle have? Is there any interior or body damage to your vehicle? Does your car pass inspection? Do all of its electrical components function properly? Some vehicles are inherently more valuable than others, and it is important to know your vehicle’s worth before selling. We take these variables into consideration when appraising your vehicle. Our promise is to give you a fair price for your car, leaving you satisfied with your payment. 

How Does It Work?

Once you make the decision to sell your vehicle, it usually takes weeks or even months to find an honest and dependable buyer. There are inherent risks that accompany selling a vehicle online. Junk That Car eliminates those risks by doing all of the work for you. Here is the step-by-step process of selling your vehicle to Junk That Car:

  1. Give us a phone call or fill out the online contact form.
  2. Tell us a little about your vehicle and its location.
  3. Receive and accept an offer from us.
  4. We will come to you and tow your vehicle away.
  5. You get paid, in cash, as soon as we load up your vehicle.
  6. That’s it! 

It really is as simple and painless as that. 

Why Choose Junk That Car

Junk That Car in Plano offers services that cannot be found elsewhere, such as junk car removal, towing services, and the ability to sell your vehicle from your home without having to leave. On most occasions we can connect with you, purchase your vehicle, tow it away, and be on our way in one day. We make the car buying process as painless as possible for you.

A Quick and Easy Solution

Selling your vehicle online or working out a trade-in deal with a dealership can cost you time and energy you shouldn’t have to waste. In many cases we can purchase your car and have it towed away, leaving you with money in hand all in a single day. We also take care of all DMV paperwork, bills of sale, and any other sales paperwork that accompanies car sales. We offer a free towing service as well, so there’s no need to bring your vehicle to us-- we come to you!

A No-Brainer

It is difficult to imagine an easier, less painless option than Junk That Car. From the comfort of your home, you can sell your vehicle with minimal effort and time. Never again will you have to drive to Dallas to receive a decent offer on your junk vehicle. We take all the usual hassles out of selling your vehicle, as leaving satisfied customers is our end-goal. 

Give Us A Call Today

We work relentlessly to ensure the people of Plano are satisfied with their used car sale. Remember- we will buy any car in any condition, anyday. World-class customer care, speed of service, and convenience are the cornerstones of our company. We keep Plano happy by delivering on our promises to streamline your car selling process. Why wait? Give us a call today, and we might be out of your hair by the end of the day, leaving you with cash in hand and a smile on your face. It’s what we do, and why we’re the best at it. See you soon, Plano. 

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Recent Purchases in Plano

2005 buick LeSabre 36854-1976 4 years ago $321
1973 maserati Mexico 98605 4 years ago $346
1971 triumph 2000 28337 4 years ago $157
1971 ford GT 40 75039 4 years ago $214
2001 bmw M 06706 4 years ago $215
1974 lotus Eclat 97052 4 years ago $329
1983 toyota Corolla 53811 4 years ago $209
2018 chevrolet Cruze 85723-6327 4 years ago $174
2007 saleen S7 14820 4 years ago $313
2008 isuzu I-350 66409 4 years ago $304
1979 mercedes-benz W 123 Coupe 74844 4 years ago $169
1973 nissan Bluebird 76098-0424 4 years ago $180
1955 ferrari 212 95620-6722 4 years ago $301
1959 maserati 3500 80152-6563 4 years ago $334
1964 ac Cobra 46033 4 years ago $300
2006 subaru Outback 01843 4 years ago $299
2014 nissan Xterra 54657 4 years ago $321
2009 gmc Canyon 39165-3446 4 years ago $163
2007 ford Ranger 72261-4294 4 years ago $318
1988 gmc Suburban 31095 4 years ago $244
2014 lexus GS 450h 25704 4 years ago $162

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Junk That Car Was fantastic to work with. I had a car that was damaged and I had no idea what to do with it. The insurance company was no help. Junk That Car made me a fair cash offer, and I highly suggest you check them out.