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Santa Barbara, CA - Junk car taking up space?

Junk That Car!




Do you have a Junk car sitting in your driveway, lawn, or garage? Do you have a car that you cannot seem to sell, no matter how many ads you post? Lucky for you, Junk That Car can help. Just one phone call away, we will offer you cash AND day-of towing. At Junk That Car, we buy cars in Santa Barbara, CA.


We will take:


  • Damaged cars
  • Non-running/ junk cars
  • Nice cars
  • Cars in as-is condition
  • Cars that don’t pass emissions test
  • Cars with salvaged titles


A junked car can take up more than just space in your life. It adds undue stress in your life. Not being able to sell a vehicle, or the time to deal with a junk care is a burden. Junk That Car offers frictionless junk car removal! If you are near Santa Barbara, CA, get rid of the piece of junk that is taking up space in your life, and get cash for cars in Santa Barbara, CA!


Forget about posting an ad, trying to find a reliable buyer, and needlessly haggling for prices. Sometimes the easier option, is the best option. With Junk That Car, you have a buyer waiting with cash to hand over for whatever car you need to get rid of.


Don’t let your piece of junk bring you down. If you are in Santa Barbara, CA, and have a car that is just taking up space, wasting away in the driveway, give Junk That Car a call. Stop dealing with people on the Internet, or dealerships trying to rip you off. Instead, talk to the professionals at Junk That Car, the most trusted name in junk car removal in Santa, Barbara, CA!


We buy cars in Santa Barbara, CA!

Junk That Car!


Easy and no hassle, call us or fill out a contact form for an instant quote.


  • We give you a fair quote!
  • We tow away your car – easy!
  • Get rid of your car the day you call!
  • We give you CASH for your JUNK CAR!
  • You stay home
  • No hassle, no problem!


Don’t put up with online classified ads anymore. Had enough of people not responding, undervaluing your car, or just plain being difficult? Don’t want to drag your piece of junk to a junk yard in Santa Barbara, CA? At Junk That Car, we give you cash for cars in Santa Barbara, Ca, and make it straightforward and easy.


Junk That Car is here for you to make the process of getting cash for your junk car as easy as possible. We tow for YOU! Give us a call, and we will quote you over the phone, if you like the price we will not only come to you with cash in hand, we can even tow the car day of! We’re here to serve the Santa, Barbara, CA community!

Cash for Junk Cars in Santa Barbara, CA

Junk That Car!


This is, hands down, the easiest way to get cold hard cash for your junk car in Santa Barbra, CA. It doesn’t matter if that car does not run at all, or if the car is in perfect condition, Junk That Car is here to make getting cash for your car as easy as possible. We want to get cash into your hands, and help you get rid of your junk car.


Often a junked car seem like it is simply not worth the trouble. It can take forever to find a buyer with a personal ad, if you can find one at all. You wait and wait for the right person. Then, if you do eventually find someone willing to look at the car, depending on the condition of your car, you bound to be hassled to lower your asking price, so you say “no”, and are forced to go through the entire process again.


Getting cash for your junk with Junk That Car is as easy as:


  • Step 1 - Call us or fill out a contact for
  • Step 2 – We give you a fair quote
  • Step 3 - Schedule same day pick-up
  • Step 4 - We give you cash



Santa Barbara, CA!

Junk That Car!


            We understand that getting rid of cars is difficult and sometimes, impossible. At Junk That Car, we are trying to make this process a little easier.


Our service is simple, reliable and fast. Don't let this deal pass you by. Get rid of those cars you've been trying to get rid of, day of, with cash in hand. One phone call away and you can get paid, and Junk That Car! Stop letting your useless car stress you out. Instead, turn it into cash and stop worrying.


What are you waiting for?




Cash for Junk Cars in Santa Barbara, CA!

Junk That Car!





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Junk That Car Was fantastic to work with. I had a car that was damaged and I had no idea what to do with it. The insurance company was no help. Junk That Car made me a fair cash offer, and I highly suggest you check them out.