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Get Cash For Junk Cars And Damaged Cars In Pomona

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Fill out the form below and we will give you a fast offer for your vehicle. We buy cars in any condition, running or not. The quote is INSTANT and we operate 7 days a week.

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Junk That Car – A perfect option for car owners in Pomona, California!

What do you when your car, truck, van or old station wagon is no longer drivable? Or what if your car is older and there are so many mechanical problems with it that it’s costing more than it’s worth to maintain it in running condition. Maybe it’s been damaged in an accident and the repairs don’t justify keeping it. 

Or, maybe your elderly aunt has a nice enough little sedan but just doesn’t drive anymore, or you don’t drive that old roadster from your youth, but aren’t interested in all the work of trying to sell it. At Junk That Car, we buy cars in Pomona, California.    

Cash for Junk Cars

At Junk That Car, we pay cash for junk cars. We buy cars ‘as is,’ from individuals. Selling a used car on your own can be a time consuming and maddening experience. Often, the car is worth more to you for the time you’ve spent with it, than it is to a prospective buyer and the inevitable haggling ensues. This is    especially true when it needs repairs, or an upgrade to make it a better ride like new upholstery or a paint job.  How much do used car buyers want to pay for a car that needs so much work?

Junk That Car eliminates all of the hassles, because we’ll buy the car at a fair price in its current condition.  That means not just older cars or nice road –worthy cars, we buy damaged cars, non-running cars sitting on blocks in your garage, junk cars and cars that fail emissions tests and will need costly upgrades. 

We even buy cars with salvage titles – in California that means a car that has been damaged to such an extent that it may be too expensive to repair. Perhaps it was in a flood or damaged from vandalism. For a Salvage certificate you have to submit your title and plates to the state and pay a fee to get the certificate. Why do all that when you can get cash for it?

What if you have a nice car, or a high-end model that you just want to sell without the hassle? 

What if you have a quality car but no longer need it, and don’t want it just sitting in your garage like a collector’s item and paying taxes and insurance on it? If we cannot buy your car immediately, we have solutions to help you get it sold without running classified ads or all the time-consuming buyer visits. We try to help you any way we can. For example, if you have a more expensive vehicle, we can connect you with services like SellMax, a high-end car buying service. We’re here to help you in any way we can. 

Sell your car to us, get cash the same day

We can also shorten the time involved in selling or junking your old car with same-day offers. If you’ve been trying to find a buyer, or gotten those very low-ball offers from conventional junkyards then you should benefit from giving us a try.  
Just contact us with the make, model and condition of the car and we’ll offer a fair price, and we always pay cash for junk cars that we buy.  You can call or email any at time and expect to hear back from us.

We will pick up your car 

At Junk that Car, we provide junk car removal to our junkyard in Pomona, so you don’t have to bring it in yourself, or make towing arrangements if you can’t drive it over. When you contact us, we can schedule a date, time and location to pick up your car. In some cases, we can pick up the car on the same day. 

What makes Junk That Car special? 

At Junk That Car, we make arrangements for every part of your car selling enterprise, from picking up the vehicle, getting it to its destination –perhaps even a new owner, and we will pay you on the spot once we’ve completed inspecting the vehicle. We strive to make the process as smooth and easy as it can be for you. 

We take all vehicles

We will consider any make, model and condition –no matter whether it’s a classic sports car or not even road worthy. No vehicle will be overlooked, as we consider all inquiries.  

Our staff, our service

Our company has been around over ten years, in a business where reputation really counts.  Our founder still guides the ship with the same integrity that has been the foundation of our business. Our staff includes some real car enthusiasts and very professional appraisers to get the best assessment of the value of your car that we can. 

Recent Purchases in Pomona

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1953 porsche 356 85539 4 years ago $206
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2005 ferrari Maranello 26969 4 years ago $229
2005 mazda MPV 15205 4 years ago $345
1975 plymouth Trail Duster 57014 4 years ago $286
1972 oldsmobile Ninety-Eight 14646-5768 4 years ago $224
1956 mg MGA 79979-3986 4 years ago $277
1960 cadillac Brougham 62755-9167 4 years ago $187
1985 maserati 420 26114-6021 4 years ago $264
1996 ford Ranger 94383-4280 4 years ago $245
1966 saab Sonett 15958 4 years ago $209
2001 bmw 320 44197 4 years ago $178
2019 volkswagen CC 41495 4 years ago $336
1991 toyota Carina 78480-0705 4 years ago $183
1986 mercury Lynx 28699 4 years ago $314
1989 jaguar XJR 15857-5379 4 years ago $188
2017 audi A8 21861 4 years ago $258
2001 toyota Prius 44520 4 years ago $208
1966 jaguar 420G 23581 4 years ago $254

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Junk That Car Was fantastic to work with. I had a car that was damaged and I had no idea what to do with it. The insurance company was no help. Junk That Car made me a fair cash offer, and I highly suggest you check them out.