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Do you live in El Monte and you’re needing to sell your car?

We buy cars in El Monte in any condition. We make the process effortless and simple.

Do you have a used car you don’t want to trade it in? We offer same day cash payment for your used car. We give Cash for Cars in El Monte daily. Junk cars and vehicles damaged from a major accident; we will buy those too. Junk Car Removal can be scheduled the very same day.  We give you a quote over the phone or you can fill out our contact form to get an instant price. In El Monte, we will come to you to pay cash for your car. In most cases, towing and junk removal to a junk yard in El Monte can be scheduled the same day. 

How do we make this process easy for you? 

We often purchase cars the same day. Cash for Cars is a fast and effortless way to get rid of your unwanted car or junk. No need to deal with the hassle and time it takes to post your car for sell in classified advertisements. No need to deal with pesky showings.  We pay Cash for junk cars in El Monte daily. No need to hassle with towing or removal. We provide this service for free.  Hassle free way to get cash in hand for your vehicle. 

Simple and fast sale of your vehicle is as easy a phone call way. We will quote you a price and once accepted, you can leave the rest up to us. Removal of unwanted junk cars in as little as a day. Hands down the easiest and fastest way to sell your car today. 

Cash For Cars and junk? 

Yes! We pay high value Cash for junk cars in El Monte. We purchase a full range of vehicles for cash on the spot. Car in as-is condition is value and cash in pocket. Vehicles damaged by accidents or rust and weather damage; we pay top dollar. 

  • As-is condition
  • Used cars
  • Damaged cars
  • Non-running cars
  • Cars that don’t pass emissions test


Has that old junk car been sitting in your driveway way to long? We provide cash in hand and removal.  Be sure to fill out our contact form or give us a call to see how much your junk is worth. 

Is your car in need of major repairs? Cash For Cars will still pay cash and provide free towing for vehicles unable to run. Most towing and removals can be scheduled the same day. 

We buy a variety of new, used and junk cars. When quoting pricing, we consider all aspects of the car’s value. Demand for some vehicles provides a better resale price than others. We factor in year, make, model, and damage in every vehicle. We pay high cash value for cars in El Monte.

Cash For Cars in El Monte is the fast, easy and convenient way to sell your car and get same day cash. Your junk car sitting and taking up space could be money in your pocket today. Wanting a new vehicle and don’t want to bother with trading in your vehicle? Get a quote from us today to see how much your car is worth or complete our contact form for instant pricing. Let us show you how much you can gain by giving us a call today. 

We strive provide every customer with exceptional service. 

We provide: 

  • hassle-free way to get a quote for your car
  • same day cash 
  • free towing and removal. 
  • We handle all the paper for the DVM to ensure the process is as simple and as easy as possible.

Simply call for a quote or fill out our contact form for instant pricing for your vehicle. Selling your car is as simple as making the call and we will arrive in El Monte, same day to pay cash for your car and haul it away. 

Looking for a hassle-free way to sell your old or junk car? Don’t want to bother with typical trade in? 

Cars For Cash in El Monte is convenient and reliable service you can count on. Don’t spend countless hours with advertising and showings. Sell today with a cash offer within minutes. We make selling your car effortless by taking care of the DMV paperwork as well as free towing and removal. Hassle free quotes today and payment in hand by tonight.  We value your car and we value your business.

Cash for Cars in El Monte is here to help take the stress out of selling your car! Let us help you sell today and have cash in hand tonight. 

Recent Purchases in El Monte

2004 koenigsegg CC8S 66356-3116 2 years ago $290
1976 maserati Merak 45954-2854 2 years ago $221
2008 dodge Avenger 58103-9923 2 years ago $311
1967 fiat 124 76675-2870 2 years ago $173
1996 mercedes-benz C 64053 2 years ago $199
2006 lotus Elise 07712 2 years ago $181
1977 mercedes-benz T 44248-4636 2 years ago $278
1952 aston-martin DB2 42598-2864 2 years ago $339
2008 pontiac G8 63704 2 years ago $296
2002 jeep Liberty 00023 2 years ago $302
2014 toyota Prius c 52525 2 years ago $208
1988 toyota Carina 71215-0625 2 years ago $301
2001 de-tomaso Guara 83960-3179 2 years ago $185
1954 porsche 356 66069-2746 2 years ago $153
1996 acura TL 58189-9163 2 years ago $222
1992 porsche DP 19687 2 years ago $246
2014 chrysler 200 21825 2 years ago $288
2002 mini Cooper 90880-3874 2 years ago $245
2019 subaru BRZ 72705 2 years ago $227
1980 chevrolet Monte Carlo 46243-7138 2 years ago $295
1986 bmw 735 07053-5479 2 years ago $234

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