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2 years ago

How to Sell Your Truck Online

Tired of your old truck? Want to sell your truck for cash? Maybe it’s sitting around collecting dust, or it’s old and beat-up and you’re just ready for something new.

You’ve come to the right place!

There are tons of ways to sell your truck in person or online. But don’t get lost on the internet looking for the best solution. We’ve listed them right here. All you have to do is keep reading.

Let’s talk about a few of the different options and which ones are best for you.

Sell My Truck on Craigslist

If you’re not familiar with Craigslist, it is an online platform for classified ads. People sell appliances, clothing, housewares and yes, even trucks! There are several websites like this (think ebay, as well). The typical process for selling a truck on craigslist or other platforms is this:

  1. Create an account
  2. Create a listing to sell your truck
  3. Respond to potential buyers
  4. Schedule a “meet-up” or a time for the potential buyer to see the truck

It seems simple and straight forward, but there are a few things to think about when selling a truck on Craigslist.

You will need to do some research. You need the obvious things like make, model, year, etc. You will also need information about pricing in the marketplace. For example, if other sellers are asking $5,000 for your exact make and model, but you’re asking $10,000, it will be harder for you to sell your truck online.

You are responsible for writing the advertisement. Most advertisements have more than just facts and figures. You’ll need to write a compelling argument for why someone should take a look at your truck versus all the others that are listed.

You will need to make time to meet with potential buyers. Most buyers on Craigslist want to see, feel and touch the items they are buying before handing over the cash. This is especially true with vehicles. They will most likely want to test drive your truck before making a purchase decision.

If you’re a female, there are additional safety concerns you should consider when selling on Craigslist. You need to be mindful of when and where you meet a potential buyer. You should also consider bringing a spouse, friend or family member with you when you meet them. Don’t get in the truck for a test drive with a complete stranger!

Sell My Truck to a Dealership

If selling your truck on Craigslist or other online classified platforms isn’t for you, don’t fret! There are alternatives to potentially creepy meet-ups with strangers!

Another option is to sell your truck for cash to an automotive dealer. Believe it or not, this happens on a fairly regular basis. You can take your truck to a local auto dealer, have them look it over and give you an estimate. Here are a few things to consider when doing that.

Know the Value: If you’re considering this as an option, be sure to think it through. You need to know how much your truck is worth and what your absolute bottom line is. Dealerships are notorious for making you wait around while they “talk to the manager” about a price. Consumers end up getting anxious and settling for a price they would never have considered before.

Bring Your Paperwork: You also want to make sure you have all your paperwork in order. Bring the registration, title, insurance and repair documents with you when you go to the dealership. This will make the process quicker and easier for both you and the dealership.

Choose Wisely: Last but not least, make sure you choose the right dealer. If you’ve got an old Ford F-150, don’t try to take it to the new-car dealer who sells European luxury cars. Choose the dealership where your make and model makes sense for their consumers.

I Want Maximum Money for My Truck With Minimal Hassle

Now that we’ve explored online and dealership sales, let’s talk about a third option and my personal favorite. Have you heard of Junk That Car?

Junk That car is an automotive company that purchases vehicles throughout the entire United States. One of their first locations started out by paying cash for junk cars in San Diego, buy they’ve since expanded nationwide.

Junk That Car could literally be your saving grace in this whole process. They are a nationwide car-buying company with zero hassle. They specialize in older junk cars, but they purchase nice, newer ones, too. It doesn’t matter what condition your truck is in. Actually, it doesn’t even have to RUN! Junk That Car will even help you sell a damaged car, or truck.

You simply go to their website, fill out a request for an estimate and BOOM – instant quote. You don’t even have to talk to a human if you don’t want to!

Can I really sell my truck that fast?

Like I said, you can get an instant quote by either filling out the online form, or calling the number on their website. They will ask for the basic info about your truck (year, make, model) and then provide you with a quote. If you accept their purchase price, you tell them when and where to come pick it up. They will come pick it up and hand you the cash after they do their inspection.

Done. Deal.

If that’s not easy and convenient enough to convince you, check this out… They will also do all the DMV paperwork for you. If you think about selling a car to a private buyer – you would be responsible for all of that. The transfer of the title, registration, etc. is confusing! With Junk That Car, you take the cash and walk away. No need to worry about dotting the I’s and crossing the T’s.

You also don’t need to be concerned with any of the safety issues we talked about with private sales. Junk That Car is licensed, bonded, insured and trustworthy. They pride themselves on friendly customer service and you can feel good about doing business with them.


Selling an old truck can be an overwhelming process. But if you want to sell your truck for cash and forget about all the hassle, it’s definitely possible.

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