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Get Cash For Junk Cars And Damaged Cars In Fayetteville

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Fill out the form below and we will give you a fast offer for your vehicle. We buy cars in any condition, running or not. The quote is INSTANT and we operate 7 days a week.

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Cash for Cars in Fayetteville, Arkansas

Do you live in Fayetteville, Arkansas, or the surrounding area? Do you have an old junk vehicle sitting in the weeds on your property that does not run? Maybe you have a car or truck that is just too ugly to drive? Did you wreck your vehicle and do not want to make a claim with insurance or otherwise pay to have it fixed? Did you buy a fixer-upper and change your mind? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, then Junk-That-Car is your answer. Junk-That-Car offers cash for junk cars in the Fayetteville, Arkansas area. So, get rid of that eyesore, and get paid immediately n cash.

How do you do it? 

The answer is so incredibly easy. Just follow these simple steps:

  1. You can call us at (XXX) XXX-XXXX to receive a quick, no-obligation quote over the phone.
  2. You can submit an online contact form at XXXXX.com and receive a same-day quote.
  3. In many circumstances, we offer same-day removal of your car, which equates to instantaneous money in your pocket.
  4. It is so unbelievably easy—contact Junk-That-Car to sell your clunker quick for cash.
  5. Junk-That-Car serves the greater Fayetteville, Arkansas area and buys cars from you quickly and easily. Do not forget about free towing that takes your car to our salvage yard conveniently located in Fayetteville.

The kinds of cars we are seeking

Junk-That-Car will buy just about anything. If your car meets any of these conditions, Junk-That-Car in Fayetteville is interested:

  • Cars in as-is condition
  • Nice cars
  • Damaged cars (major accidents okay)
  • Non-running cars and junk cars
  • Cars that do not pass emissions tests
  • Cars with a salvage and/or rebuilt title

If you have a junked car in your yard, or even a nice one you do not want to continue paying for, Junk-That-Car offers cash and automobile removal to our yard in Fayetteville. Do not sit by and miss out on a cash pay-out and free towing any longer. Contact Junk-That-Car today and get paid instant cash for your car.

How do we price your car?

Junk-That-Car in Fayetteville. Arkansas takes several things into consideration when determining what we will pay for your car. We will look at the following:

  • What is the year, make, and model? Obviously, the newer, the better, but we do not care. We will buy your old, junked car too!
  • What is the overall condition of the vehicle? Nicer cars achieve a better price, but we will buy almost anything!
  • What is the mileage? Obviously, the lower the mileage, the more a vehicle’s value.
  • Has your vehicle been damaged? Do not worry! If it has been wrecked, we are still interested and will tow it for free!
  • What is the body condition? Rust is the enemy of all cars, and heavily rusted vehicles do not command as high of price as those that are rust-free. But still give us a chance to make you an offer.
  • What is the current demand for your vehicle? Highly sought-after vehicles typically get a better price than those that have only marginal appeal. But beauty is in the eye of the beholder—even the ugliest vehicles appeal to someone out there!
  • Regardless, Junk-That-Car will offer you the best price with cash on the spot and often same-day removal of junk cars in Fayetteville.

What can you expect?

  • A quick and professional response from one of our professional staff, whether calling us or contacting us online.
  • A reasonable, competitive, and fair cash offer for your vehicle.
  • Professional towing staff that will safely remove your vehicle, often on the same day, at no extra charge.
  • No paperwork hassles. The staff at Junk-That-Car in Fayetteville will assist you every step of the way in completing all Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) paperwork to ensure selling your vehicle is as painless as possible.
  • No hassles from trying to sell it yourself and dealing with strangers that you must schedule and then deal with when, and if, they ever show up.

What is your next step?

  • Give Junk-That-Car in Fayetteville, Arkansas a call at (XXX)-XXX-XXXX, or look for us online at XXXXXXX.com.
  • Provide the basic required information.
  • Receive a no-obligation, cash quote.
  • Arrange a pick-up time and date (often the same day!).
  • Let our professional staff provide you with free towing and removal.
  • We will complete all DMV paperwork.
  • Get paid on the spot.
  • Enjoy your spending money!

It really is that easy. Junk-That Car offers residents of Fayetteville, Arkansas and surrounding areas a quick, simple, and convenient way to turn that junker in your driveway or yard into cash. 

Contact us today to receive a free quote and get rid of that problem that you have been wanting to sell but thought no one would ever buy. Junk-That-Car will buy it and turn your liability into spending money. Call us at (XXX)-XXX-XXXX or contact us online at XXX.com.

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2016 lexus IS 250 C 28130-2841 4 years ago $182
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Junk That Car Was fantastic to work with. I had a car that was damaged and I had no idea what to do with it. The insurance company was no help. Junk That Car made me a fair cash offer, and I highly suggest you check them out.