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Fill out the form below and we will give you a fast offer for your vehicle. We buy cars in any condition, running or not. The quote is INSTANT and we operate 7 days a week.

Get Cash For Junk Cars And Damaged Cars In Huntsville

Get a Free Quote, Contact Us Now

Fill out the form below and we will give you a fast offer for your vehicle. We buy cars in any condition, running or not. The quote is INSTANT and we operate 7 days a week.

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Sell Your Car. Keep Your Sanity

Get Cash for Cars in Huntsville

Junk That Car makes it quick and easy to sell your car.  We buy cars in Huntsville, no matter what shape they’re in.  

How to get Cash for Cars in Huntsville 

  1. Fill out the online form (here) or call us: (888) 671-6162
  2. We quote you a fair price based on the year, make, model, mileage and condition, re-sale value and demand. 
  3. You accept the price, we bring you the cash and tow the car away, for free. Usually all in the same day.

Why would you get Cash for Cars in Huntsville?

  • It’s in such bad shape, it’s become a burden or an embarrassment.  
  • It’s in fair shape, but maintenance is costly and your cash is low.
  • It’s in great shape but you’re ready to move on. You could trade it in when you buy a new car. But there’s no guarantee you’ll get a fair price. You could try to sell it on your own but that takes a long time, and there are so many things that could go wrong. 

Private sale problems

You’ve thought about selling it on your own. How hard could it be? Take a quick photo. Check. List it on Craigslist and in the local Huntsville paper. Check. Sit back and wait for the calls. Sounds easy enough. Not so fast. 

Selling a car is hard work. It takes a lot of time. Say goodbye to your weekends. It can be frustrating, even risky. Strangers coming to your home. Pointing out flaws in your car. They want discounts. Even though there’s a red ‘Sold As Is’ sign in the window, they want you to fix this or that.

Some buyers are unreliable. They may suddenly change their mind. When you finally find a buyer and you’re left holding a personal check, you realize there’s a real chance the check may not be good. Don’t take that risk. We pay you in cash, and save you the worry. 

What it Means When We Give You Cash for Cars in Huntsville 

We won’t haggle. 

We won’t ask you to take less than we agreed on. We won’t ask for a payment plan. When we show up, you get exactly what we quoted you on the phone. And we tow the car away for free. 

We won’t waste your time.  

Your time is precious. Selling on your own takes a lot of time. It means showing the car over and over. It can use up all your free time. It can take months. We promise you an easy sale. And we won’t ask if we can take it for a test drive. 

We do all the paperwork. 

You don’t have to make that trip to the DMV. That’s not a headache we want you to have. 

If you say yes to any of these questions, you can get cash for cars in Huntsville. 

Does your car just take up space? 

Is there a massive pile of metal in your driveway that looks like a car but it can’t take you anywhere?  Does it make your driveway look like a junk yard in Huntsville? We call that a sad waste of space. We’ll do your junk car removal and give you cash in return. 

Does your car have issues?

The older your car gets the more maintenance it needs. Your bills are through the roof. You’re tired of the upkeep. You could give it to a family member as a fixer-upper. Someone who’s willing to take the time and effort to restore it. But maybe you’re not comfortable doing that. You don’t want to pass on those problems to someone you love. 

Have you outgrown your car?  

It’s still in great shape, but it doesn’t fit your lifestyle. You’ve taken good care of it. And it shows. Regular check-ups, tires rotations, oil changes. But it’s not what you need anymore. Maybe your family has grown. Or you just want an upgrade. 

We’ll give you cash for junk cars in Huntsville, even if … 

Your car failed the emissions test, you missed the last 10 oil changes, the tires are low and you can’t even remember the last time a mechanic touched it. Did we mention the mysterious clicking noise under the hood? We don’t care. We’ll take it and give you the cash.

We also don’t care if … 

  • You’re the first or the fifty-first owner.  
  • It was damaged in a crash. We do hope you’re OK.  
  • You forget to pay off the title. No worries.  
  • You’ve had it cleaned but never detailed or waxed. 
  • Pet hair covers the seats like a furry blanket.
  • Your smokes created a permanent fog inside. 
  • Your kids ate most of their meals in the back seat.

We’ll take your car just the way it is. 

We take the pain away. We give you the cash.  And you’re free to do your happy dance.

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2019 audi allroad 74001 4 years ago $311
1969 ford Fairlane 21433 4 years ago $203
2010 suzuki Equator 77068 4 years ago $161
2002 jeep Liberty 19958 4 years ago $160
2015 chevrolet Suburban 10601 4 years ago $325
2000 saleen S7 67971-1807 4 years ago $279
2019 hyundai Elantra 47264-5323 4 years ago $232
1987 dodge 600 35862 4 years ago $256
1997 dodge Caravan 59913-8557 4 years ago $228
2000 subaru STX 10891-1370 4 years ago $199
1951 jeep CJ3A 14971-2029 4 years ago $203
2010 hyundai Veracruz 64427-8583 4 years ago $278
2005 morgan Plus 8 87684-0333 4 years ago $294
1973 ferrari 312 40384-6852 4 years ago $333
1991 oldsmobile Achieva 38862-8154 4 years ago $328
2004 toyota Previa 94304 4 years ago $191
1996 lotus Elan 59329 4 years ago $231
1969 aston-martin DB6 64761 4 years ago $316

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