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Get Cash For Junk Cars And Damaged Cars In Lynchburg

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Fill out the form below and we will give you a fast offer for your vehicle. We buy cars in any condition, running or not. The quote is INSTANT and we operate 7 days a week.

Cash For Junk Cars Lynchburg (434) 201-4998 Sell Your Junk Car

You already know what I’m going to tell you.

That car sitting in your front yard that you never drive? Or that car that you got into an accident with that never drove quite the same? What about that car that the insurance company snatched the title off of, so even after you repaired it, they didn’t let you register it at the DMV? Hold on… you said your car isn’t running at all? No, it just didn’t pass that emissions test?


Look, whatever the case may be, you need to get rid of that thing. If you’re anywhere near Virginia, you’ve probably heard of Lynchburg, and if you’ve heard of Lynchburg, VA, you definitely need to read this.


Junk That Car is the only company you should be dealing with if you’re looking to trade cash for cars in Lynchburg, VA. Junk That Car services Lynchburg, VA and some surrounding cities, like Roanoke, Norfolk, and even cities in neighboring states, like Greensboro and Charlotte. As always, we like to make it simple for you - we buy cars in Lynchburg, VA.

What Do We Do?

What we do is give you cash for junk cars in Lynchburg, VA. It’s our mission to help individuals who have used, junk, damaged, or non-running cars that they want to get rid of. Instead of dealing with the hassle of selling it on your own, going through tons of paperwork just to trade it in, or getting caught up selling it to a private party, just call us.

How Do We Work?

Getting cash for cars in Lynchburg, VA is an easy process, and a better option than classified sites. Classified sites make things complicated by giving you a lot of information and a multitude of options that can easily overwhelm you upfront. Eventually, you become turned off by the idea of selling the car and, after 10 years, it becomes a nasty old junk car that no one will bother looking at... Guess what? We’d still take it.


Anyway, here's how we work:

  • We give individuals a price over the phone, or they can sign a contact form to get an instant price.
  • If they accept the price, we approach the seller and give them cash upfront for the car.
  • At the point of sale, we can also schedule a junk car removal, as we tow all cars to our junkyard in Lynchburg, VA.
  • We often purchase cars the very same day, meaning we get the car off your hands as soon as possible. We like making our transactions quick and simple.
  • Our method of purchase is a lot simpler than trying to sell it on your own on some random website or app, signing paperwork to trade it in, or the complications behind selling it to a private party. No, it’s our guarantee that you call us, you get your cash.

What Kind Of Vehicles Do You Purchase?

We buy cars in Lynchburg, VA regardless of how good or bad they are:

  • Cars in as-is condition, meaning any nasty scratches or serious issues with the car are our responsibility. No big deal.
  • Nice cars - yes, that means those car enthusiasts up-to-date with their vehicles are as valuable to us as those nasty junk cars.
  • Damaged cars - liked it before but now it doesn’t quite drive the same? No problem, we’ll help you leave that car in the rear view.
  • Junk cars or non-running cars - if those websites drove you crazy before, we’ll drive your car straight to Lynchburg, VA. We’ll even bring the tow truck first.
  • Cars that don’t pass an emissions test. Don’t worry about losing more money to repairs, make more money by passing it on to us. Trust me, our test is a lot easier.
  • Cars with salvaged titles - if your car was deemed a total loss and the insurance company snatched the title, no worries. Their trash is your treasure, and ours too.

Okay. Give us the rundown.

Cool. These are the facts:

  • We buy cash for cars in Lynchburg, VA.
  • We buy all cars - used, junk, damaged, non-running, even the nasty junk cars 10 years beyond their prime.
  • We make the process frictionless. That means no complex classifications, no categories, no confusion - just call us or fill out a contact form, and the car is gone the same day.


That’s all you need to know. Now, seriously, get rid of that thing and call us already. You’re doing yourself no favors by wasting more money to fix it up, or trying to pass that emissions test. Even those nice cars that you swear you’ll take out for a drive one day, but only end up getting maintenanced every six months because you never have the time. Yeah, even the cars that don’t run at all, or the cars the insurance company said were screwed! If it wasn’t obvious all those times before, it should be clear that you need to Junk That Car!

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We pay as much as $25,000 for
certain cars!

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2019 bmw 3 Series Gran Turismo 62430-1988 4 years ago $252
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2006 mercury Milan 12936 4 years ago $336
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1991 saab 9000 55590-5725 4 years ago $258
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Junk That Car Was fantastic to work with. I had a car that was damaged and I had no idea what to do with it. The insurance company was no help. Junk That Car made me a fair cash offer, and I highly suggest you check them out.